Automated Lot Inventory Xchange

The ultimate parking marketplace.

Where real-time parking will be searched, bought and sold.

We don’t sell the parking, print the tickets or manage the parking lots. We’re a revolutionary software app that deals direct in connecting people with what they need. In this case, connecting parkers to empty spaces.

At the heart of ALIX is our cloud-based inventory management software that puts unused spaces into a central marketplace. Where everyone can search, purchase and reserve parking publicly.

Park. Simple.

For Parkers
It means no cash, no cards, no tickets and no guesswork.
For Owners
Reduce or eliminate cash losses, empty spaces and new hiring with no new capital expenditures.
For Investors
Invest in a next-level app and revolutionize an industry with staggering potential.

Are you ready to see parking become cool, profitable and convenient?

Then get ready for ALIX.